May 27, 2013

Tony G and MagicHoldem Launch Software Support For Recreational Players

The MagicHoldem is a company that develops software related to poker, in the area of education and tools, and has now launched a new Heads-Up Display (HUD) to recreational players. The software analyzes presented opponents based on their history against the player in question and presents information about the style of play simply.

After getting great success with Poker Odds Calculator Poker and Personal Coach, this new product marks a new step MagicHoldem market. The owner of PokerNews' Tony G,'ve experienced and says the product is unique, a great help for recreational players.

"If you never did you use a HUD standard numbers can be very confusing," said Tony G. "HUD's MagicHoldem is quite simple and is therefore ideal for beginners and players that recreational players."

HUD's MagicHoldem has all the necessary statistics in real time, VPIP%, PFR% and Aggression Factor are some examples. This HUD analyzes the statistics in real time and warns you about the most important, found in the set of opponents.

"Our goal is to make this kind of tools more accessible to beginners and recreational players," said Roy Samuelov. the MagicHoldem. "This is a HUD" user-friendly "not only shows statistics, tells the players what is important to retain."

If you want to have the Magic Holdem HUD for 10 days in trial, just click on the banner bellow for further information.

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