Jun 12, 2013

Ultimate Poker continues to grow

It's been over a month since it opened the first and so far only poker room for real money, the new regulated market of the state of Nevada. On April 30, he opened the doors to Ultimate Poker room that featured Antonio Esfandiari as the great ambassador. Esfandiari now has over 8 teammates.

With the World Series of Poker to run at full throttle, the Ultimate Poker does not want to waste the opportunity, being currently the only company allowed to host the online tables, all players present in Las Vegas.

Besides Esfandiari, the room created by the Brothers Fertitta (UFC owners), also hired Gavin Griffin, Randy Dorfman, Dan O'Brien, Phil Collins, Jason Somerville, William Reynolds, Lauren Kling and Jonathon Little. Another big name playing with the logo Ultimate Poker is Terrence Chan, but Terrence is much more than a sponsored player, Chan works for the room.

The Ultimate Poker has developed its own software, and so it is normal to present various aspects to improve, and even correct to best please the players. And in recent weeks the room has done it himself, making several adjustments to its software, while asking players to express their opinions and tips on 2 +2.

It was April 30 that the room opened its doors, and even a month later he was celebrating his hand 2 million. At that time, Antonio Esfandiari was invited to go to the local channel Fox to speak as an ambassador of Ultimate Poker. Another player who will certainly bring a lot of attention is the Ultimate Poker Jason Somerville.

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