Jan 3, 2013

Multi Prizepool Poker

Created by top UK pro Roberto Romanello, Multi Prizepool Poker is a single tournament with three levels of buy-in which create multiple prize pools.

An MPP tournament is offered with 3 buy in levels, for example, £25 / £50 / £100 that will create 3 prizepools.

A player who chooses to buy in for the minimum £25 will play only for prizepool 1. A player buying in for £50 will automatically be entered into prizepool 1 where they will have £25 invested. They will also be entered into prizepool 2 with an additional investment of £25. Players buying in for the maximum £100 will be entered into both the £25 prizepools as well as having £50 invested in prizepool 3.

All of the entrants then play in a single tournament that has 3 separate prizepools determined by buy-in and number of runners in each.

If a player who bought in for £100 is victorious, they would scoop the 1st prize from all 3 prizepools.

If a player who entered for £50 wins they would get top prize from prizepool 1 and prizepool 2 while the highest finishing prizepool 3 player will win the 1st prize from prizepool 3.

If a player from prizepool 1 wins they will just receive that 1st prize.

The other in the money places would be dependant on finishing positions and buy-in. For example, players buying into prizepool 1 would only be eligible to cash from the first prize pool pot.

“This concept allows all players regardless of bankroll to play in a single tournament with high guarantees creating huge prizepools instead of separate events with lower guarantees split between them,” read a statement from MPP. “The players in prizepool 1ill now have a substantially increased prizepool available.”

MPP will get its first outing at Dusk Till Dawn on 10 January in a £5,000 guaranteed event. It will certainly be one to keep an eye on.

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