Jan 30, 2013

French site accuses finalists Partouche 2009 to make signs during the tournament

The site pokerenligne accuses players Jean-Paul Pasqualini and C├ędric Rossi having cheated during the final table of the Main Event of the Partouche Poker Tour 2009 tournament won by Pasqualini, who received € 1,000,000.

In what was the second edition of the Partouche Poker Tour Main Event, 521 players participated and came to € 3,889,740 prizepool. The final table had 19 hours and was broadcast live on Eurosport.

But returning to what leads us to this news, saying that the pokerenligne Pasqualini and Rossi (who finished in 2nd place, for which he received € 606,700) exchanged during the final table several signs to each other indicating their cards.

The site even has a video and applied to the supposed cheat code:
• tap on the head - an A
• hand ahead - a K
• touch the eye - a Q
• tap on the nose - a J
• touch the mouth - a T
• touch the neck - a 9 or an 8
• tap on the arm - a small pair

Judge for yourselves:

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