Jan 31, 2013

Ray Ellis leads last 36 at the Aussie Millions, Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey still in play

Day 3 of the Aussie Millions Main Event played up this morning, and when the tournament director suspended the action were still 36 players remaining. Leadership is Ray Ellis, but Patrik Antonius comes in second place and Phil Ivey, although short, is still in evidence.
Busted the bubble, the usual at these events happened, eliminations behind eleminations at a breakneck pace, helping the day was over sooner than expected, when there were only 36 players already.

From Day 4 of the action is to be played at tables of 6 people, and for those who are already better placed to fight for the first prize ($ 1,600,000 over Chrysler 300C and Gold Bracelet) are these names:
1.Ray Ellis - 1,044,000
2.Patrik Antonius - 957,000
3.Mervin Chan - 943.000
4.Ang Pangleng - 928.000
5.Jan Collado - 908.000
6.Brandon Adams - 739.000
7.David Yan - 696.000
8.James Obst - 660.000
9.Damian Baldi - 624.000
10.Shoshiro Karita - 608.000

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