Apr 5, 2013

Isildur1 won a $ 1.7 million from Bttech86 in less than 6 hours

For a long time not seen a session with these numbers, the high stakes tables of Full Tilt Poker. The play $ 500 / $ 1,000 CAP PLO, Isildur1 Viktor Blom Swedish, crushed Ben Bttech86 Tollerene.

The heads-up session lasted "only" five hours and forty minutes, enough time to Isildur1 win $ 1,703,125.

They both started with just a table, but the second time, both players had already opened another table with Isildur1 earning $ 200,000 this period. Ahead of an opponent in good shape, which in recent days had won $ 900,000 at the tables of Full Tilt.

The domain Isildur1 was such that only one table in the Swede even had a stack of $1.25M. Notice that at the tables of CAP, the maximum value of the pot is $ 80,000 ...

Tollerene still managed to recover, reaching lose "only" $ 600,000, but when the two began to play 4 tables, Isildur1 again carburet better. At this point, and after 4 and a half hours of play, Isildur1 returned to pick up the game and won the next hour plus $ 680,000, ending the session with appetizing $ 1,703,125.

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