Feb 9, 2013

Remi Castaignon is the winner of the EPT Deauville

Remi Canstaignon today won the PokerStars European Poker Tour Deauville! In Fame and Glory, join today also a check for € 700,000 after winning one of the fastest final tables in history!
The day started with only 8 players and Remi Castaignon occupied his seat with 40% of the chips in play. Not bad for the young Frenchman of 29 years who have a hobby in poker.

Final Table Prizes:

1•Remi Castaignon - €770,000
2•Walid Bou Habib - €475,000
3•Robert Romeo - €275,000
4•Enrico Rudelitz - €215,000
5•Franck Kalfon - €165,000
6•Joseph El Khoury - €125,000
7•Noel Gaens - €87,800
8•Jeffrey Hakim - €60,000

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