Feb 28, 2013

Big PokerStars Client Update

Online poker giant PokerStars has announced a significant update to its client software, with several major improvements arriving for players in the coming days.

The most notable enhancement, to be rolled out this week, is two new ways of listing tables: “Groups” and “Combo.”

The Groups view is similar to the “table groupings” feature that PokerStars started to trial back in May 2012, which groups together the similar tables by buy-in and game type to simplify the lobby list. A single “find me a seat” button takes you to the most-full table of that type with a free seat.

The “Combo” view combines the Groups format with the traditional column lists.

Another addition in this week’s client roll-out is table previews in the main lobby. This allows viewers to see what players are present at a given table, including the seating order and chips in play, empty seats, and notes the user may have already accumulated on players. Users may select a seat directly from the lobby if no waiting list exists.

There are also game improvements, including the introduction of a new type of progressive-bounty tournament, in which the prize for knocking out players increases as the tournament progresses, and new Zoom tournament types.

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