Jan 6, 2013

The MiniFTOPS XXI start today with more than $3 million in guaranteed prize money

In December battled up the first of the new FTOPS Full Tilt Poker, and as you all know after the MiniFTOPS FTOPS arrive. A series of FTOPS tournaments identical to, but for only 10% of the buy-in. Between 6 and 20 January will be played 35 tournaments since the $ 11 to $ 216.

In this edition of the XXI Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series, the highlight goes to the Main Event and a 2-day tournament. The Main Event will be played on January 20 and for $ 70 + $ 5 offers a guaranteed prize pool of $ 750,000. The 2-day tournament begins on January 19 and for $ 200 + $ 16 (multi-entry) offers $ 300,000 guaranteed prizepool of.

Among the 35 tournaments MiniFTOPS these, 10 offer the possibility of Multi-Entry. Seven tournaments are Rush and there is still a tournament Double Chance. For all 35 tournaments there will be a wide range of satellite from $ 0.50.

The winners of the event will receive an exclusive shirt MiniFTOPS MiniFTOPS avatar and a silver MiniFTOPS. All those unable to reach a final table of the 35 tournaments MiniFTOPS, will receive an exclusive MiniFTOPS jacket. The winner of the TLB MiniFTOPS receive a custom avatar and even tickets for all events of FTOPS XXII (except the Two-Day Event).

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