Jan 24, 2013

Negreanu folds of the NBC Heads-up Championship and explains why on video

The Canadian Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu Kid Poker announced yesterday on Twitter that he had withdrawn from the range of 64 participants in the NBC National Heads-Up Championship promising to make a video to explain the reason for his absence, a tournament that "likes" .

Why is Kid Poker withdrew on the eve of the tournament?

Negreanu says to attend the event would miss an earlier commitment with a friend. Friend who understood the likely absence of Negreanu, and encouraged the Canadian to play the tournament, but as we approach the tournament (which begins today), Negreanu made ​​an introspection and found that almost always put the poker in front of family and friends and even if they were to win the tournament, would feel a void in your heart.

It was also through Twitter that we get to know Negreanu's replacement, in the range of 64 players. Is it David Doc Sands, which is said to "thrilled for the opportunity."

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