Jan 11, 2013

Microgaming Bad Beat Jackpot over €540.000

The Microgaming Network Bad Beat Jackpot is now over €540.000. To win a bigger share of the Bad Beat Jackpot you have to lose a hand of poker with at least 8's.

The cumulative value of this Bad Beat Jackpot increases in increments of € 0.50, amount taken from each pot played Bad Beat tables (ss Bad Beat tables are Hold'em tables).

How can you win the Bad Beat Jackpot tables disputed iGame MicroGaming network?
• The losing hand must be a Poker (8s or better)
• Four or more players are dealt into the hand
• The hand must be a raked hand that contributes to the jackpot
• The winning hand won and must include both hole cards and must go to showdown

When you exit the jackpot money will be distributed as follows:
• 70% is distributed as winnings (50% goes to the defeated hand (ie. the Bad Beat)
• 25% to the winner of the hand
• and 25% is divided equally to the remaining participants in the hand
• 20% will be used for the next Bad Beat Jackpot
• 10% for administrative costs

The last time we open these tables the jackpot was accumulated path of € 550,000.

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