Jan 11, 2013

Lock Poker To Offer Satellites For Inaugural ISPT Tournament

In what will be the only outlet to give players in the United States an opportunity to get in on potentially one of the biggest tournaments of all time, Lock Poker has announced that they will be offering satellites for its players to earn their way into the International Stadiums Poker Tour event later this year.

Lock Poker, a part of the Revolution Gaming Network, announced yesterday a slate of satellites that will send players to the inaugural ISPT event, which will be held in June at Wembley Stadium in London. The satellites feature a €300 buy in and will be held each month up to the start of the ISPT event. Those who are fortunate enough to win one of these satellite tournaments will be in Wembley Stadium when the cards hit the air later this year.

The first tournament will be held on Lock Poker on February 10, with these dates scheduled for the other satellite tournaments:

March 10
April 14
May 5
May 12
May 19

As stated previously, the winners of these six satellite tournaments will be guaranteed to play in Wembley Stadium in what is expected to be one of the largest tournaments of all time.

The ISPT is expecting 30,000 players to take part in the online portion of the tournament, with the top ten percent (if predictions on the total players are hit, around 3000 players) actually moving on to play on the pitch in London. Along with those who qualify online, players can buy directly into the tournament for €3000. According to information provided by ISPT officials, 70% of those who make it to Wembley Stadium (2100 players) will earn a payout.

The tournament will start online through a variety of online sites (including Lock Poker), with the satellite tournaments sending 10% of their players onto Wembley Stadium (players will start the tournament at Wembley with the chip stacks they have from these events). On June 1, Day Two of the ISPT Wembley will bring those players (and those that have bought in directly) together on the field in one of the cathedrals of European football to battle it out for the championship. Although there have been shifting levels on the potential prize pool, ISPT officials are confident that a €10 million prize pool will be created and that prize pool could go as high as €20 million.

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