Dec 18, 2012

Yann 'yadio1111' Dion won FTOPS Main Event

Came to an end the XXI edition of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, the first held in the new Full Tilt Poker. To this end was reserved Main Event, with 4766 entries that had a prize pool of $ 2,859,600. After the chop 2, yadio1111 received $ 453,229.40.

Yesterday beyond yadio1111, were crowned champions FTOPS other two, since it is also played in Event # 34 and still played up the second and final day of Event # 31. The Main Event had a buy-in of $ 600 + $ 40 and each player could make 3 entries. Event # 34 had a buy-in of $ 240 + $ 16 and also allowed three entries per player.

But first things first - Event # 31. This was the tournament buy-in with the highest of all FTOPS XXI, and with 699 entries (maximum of 2 tickets per player) had a prize pool of $ 1,398,000. The prize pool was divided by 72 players, the same ones who went to Day 2. Yesterday and after according to 3, the victory went to the player A_theKevlar_2 Mexico.

In Event # 34, 6max tournament, this tournament was guaranteed $ 600,000, and 4280 records just to distribute $ 856,000 in prizes. The victory was ronnyr37617 Ronny Kaiser.

Finally, lack speak the Main Event. Tournament had 4766 registrations and a buy-in of $ 600 + $ 40.
The heads-up was between two players from Canada, and they did according to deal the prizes at stake.

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