Dec 28, 2012

Gus Hansen's tweet that will ignite the poker community !!

On Wednesday, Hansen’s Twitter account lit up with a vague announcement that stated, “Never underestimate stupid people in large groups – explanation will follow!” . The next statements were the ones that have ignited a firestorm over several social outlets.
“If the ‘We hate Howard Lederer‘ group would hate on banks and insurance companies, I would have some sympathy- as it is- get a fu**ing grip,” Hansen wrote over Twitter following his earlier statement. “Do people hate Howard Lederer because of evidence of foul play or because Daniel Negreanu and Jason Mercier tells everybody to hate him?”

Within minutes of Hansen’s Tweet, the Two Plus Two message board exploded with what, at this point, has become a 150+ post thread. Poster ‘JamesD816’ commented, “Do people defend Howard because they are his friends and he made them rich or because they believe he behaved ethically?” Poster ‘luckoffical’ added, “I wasn’t really expecting Gus tο defend Howard,” while ‘pokerproplaya08’ stated, “I don’t agree with Gus…I understand why people hate on Howard.”

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