May 20, 2013

Bracelet Jamie Gold goes up for auction

Jamie Gold started in poker history in 2006 when he won the largest Main Event World Series of Poker ever. Now, and not knowing the reasons for this, Jamie Gold has decided to put the bracelet win this tournament auction.

The auction will be conducted by Heritage Auctions, and held on 1 August, the bidding period begins just before the July 13.

This bracelet was won in a tournament with 8,773 participants, and after defeating Paul Wasicka heads up, Gold received a first prize of $ 12,000,000. Long the largest first prize ever in the Main Event, as it was the only one to reach the mark of 8 digits.

In the auction page does not provide the rationale of the auction, only shows the strap: with 259 precious stones, including 7 carats of diamonds and 120 grams of white and yellow gold. Rubies to fill red symbols of hearts and diamonds and a sapphire to represent the spades, and the three black diamonds represent the clubs.

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