Feb 12, 2013

Tom 'durrrr' Dwan earned more than $ 2 million

The young American has not had a good return to the tables of the new Full Tilt Poker. durrrr lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on his return, and soon wondered if his long absence from the tables had lost the train of high stakes. After this weekend durrrr is back.

Before the phenomenon Isildur1, durrrr was the nickname that was spoken in the high stakes tables of Full Tilt Poker concerns. Dwan did not look at the names and dominated almost every opponent.

After Black Friday, Dwan has remained faithful to Full Tilt and stopped playing online. This long gap of online poker has led many to question whether Dwan could maintain optimum return on the tables. After a bad start, Dwan showed that in the last days is back to good results.

It started with a long session of 18 hours from Thursday to Friday. Session in which durrrr won $ 1.05 million in about 7,000 hands. Tables of NL 2-7 Triple Draw, and with opponents like Sauce1234, patpatpanda, OMGClayAiken, punting-peddler, Rui Cao and trex313, play aggressive Dwan earned him a profit of $ 1.3 million.

Despite this gain, Dwan finished this session losing $ 200,000 to Ben Tollerene in two tables of $ 300 / $ 600 PLO.

From Saturday to Sunday, durrrr returned to action and again with good numbers. This time its best harvest was made in tables of $ 250 / $ 500 PLO, where he won more than half a million dollars before Ben Tollerene, OMGClayAiken and patpatpanda.

In addition to this good performance tables of PLO, even durrrr won $ 300,000 in other tables of $ 200 / $ 400 No Limit 2-7 Triple Draw.

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