Feb 21, 2013

Partouche involved in new scandal

The room Partouche see your name associated with a new scandal. After cheating in the Main Event of the Partouche Poker Tour 2009, now is the digital newspaper research - Mediapart - saying that ARJEL is investigating the Partouche about irregularities in the awarding of bonuses to directors of the family company.

The site Mediapart article is available by subscription only, but has now been published in its entirety in both the 2 +2 (translated into English) as the French Club forum Poker site.

According to documents obtained by Mediapart research (site created by a former director of the renowned Le Monde), the French gaming authority (ARJEL) opened an investigation in late 2012 over 40 partouche.fr site accounts, accounts mostly created by relatives of directors and employees of the room.

The article gives as an example the account Yohan Zenou (Katy Zenou family, part of the Steering Group Partouche and is administrator of the Partouche Gaming France), registered with the nick yozenou. Yohan deposited € 175 in April 2011. After opening your account Yohan played often for free, as well as buy-in tournaments, the company received many tickets for tournaments, totaling € 36,000. Yohan still raised € 27,500 to his bank account. Contacted by Mediapart, Yohan did not want to talk about it.

If Yohan not committed any illegality, the company Partouche Gaming France can not say the same. The Arjel and authorities who watch the game online from Paris are investigating 40 accounts, created by family or even employees of the group under pseudonyms.

Arjel the suspects that a violation of the gambling law of 2010, which prohibits the leaders of online gaming sites to make bets on their own website, and also having received undue rewards (bonus deposited directly into the player account, in the form of Tickets tournaments with values ​​hundred euros).

Also according to the article, the authorities will be even more "angry" when a safety audit, to check that the room partouche.fr respected all its technical obligations with respect to the registration of all movements of the room (condition sine qua non for achieving Arjel to audit), has found "several shortcomings. On 20 December the Arjel issued a notification to the Partouche Gaming France, giving a deadline of three months to put everything according to the law."

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