Feb 22, 2013

Approaches to hand 95 billion - about $ 1 million at stake!

Road to 100 Billion Poker Hands: 95 Billion

Millions of dollars in cash prizes have been given away on the Road to 100 Billion hands dealt, and this year, that journey will finally come to an end with the biggest, richest celebrations yet. But before the 100 Billion party, there are still plenty more milestone rewards to be won. The next big-money stop on the road is hand 95 Billion.

There’s up to $1,000,000 in cash to play for, and more than 300 chances to win. Simply play PokerStars cash game tables and be dealt into a millionth hand from 94,700,000,000 to 95,000,000,000 (e.g. 94,902,000,000). If you're successful, you’ll receive a cash prize that could be worth thousands of dollars. And if you're good enough to win the big ninety-five billionth hand, you will receive at least $20,000!

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