Feb 11, 2013

Alcorcón chosen for installation of Eurovegas

In a press conference held last Friday at the government headquarters of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez (President of the Community) announced that the location chosen for the "largest investment in Spain and the world in the coming years" will Alcorcón.

The group Las Vegas Sands was represented by Michael Leven, the company's number two, who has yet to win the tender for the construction of the mega-project.

Eurovegas, they can still change their name, since according to the newspaper ABC reported the name of a private Eurovegas, will occupy a total of 750 acres, a total investment of € 6,700 million. The Las Vegas Sands committed to directly invest € 2,700 million, while the remaining € 4 billion will be financed by banks.

Construction should begin this year, and the first phase will be ready in 2017. The second phase of construction will begin year and a half later, that total is expected to be accurate 15 to 18 years for the construction of the two phases.

The first phase will be built 3,000 homes, some of them in skyscrapers that make the tallest buildings in Spain. Some of the towers will have 20 floors even more than the 4 towers Castellana. The highest of the four towers Castellana has 250 meters (45 floors).

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