Jan 8, 2013

PCA 2013: Scott Seiver wins PCA Super High Roller and $2,003,480

The day finished with Seiver holding aloft his new piece of silverware as friends gathered around him on stage to salute the new PCA10 Super High Roller Champion.

1. Scott Seiver, $2,003,480
2. David "Doc" Sands, $1,259,320
3. Nick Schulman, $744,140
4. Cary Katz, $543,800
5. Philipp Gruissem, $400,700
6. Greg Jensen, $286,200
7. Vladimir Troyanovsky, $257,580
8. Dan Shak, $228,960

Credit also to Sands, who as either chip leader or defeated runner-up never flinched. Both provided a great ending to a great tournament.

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