Jan 13, 2013

PCA 2013 Main Event Final Table

Their departure means tomorrow's final will look like this.

Seat 1. Joao Nogueira. 2,890,000
Seat 2. Dimitar Danchev. 1,995,000
Seat 3. Andrey Shatilov, 3,220,000
Seat 4. Owen Crowe, 2,900,000
Seat 5. Jerry Wong, 7,400,000
Seat 6. Jonathan Roy, 1,525,000
Seat 7. Joel Micka, 6,475,000
Seat 8. Yann Dion, 2,535,000

Of that bunch Joao Nogueria, with 2,890,000 chips, is perhaps the most intriguing. Having qualified online for $10, the 21-year-old Portuguese arrived in the Bahamas set to play his first ever live tournament. He's now turned that into his first ever final table, and done it on one of poker's biggest stages.

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