Jan 21, 2013

Governor of Nevada wants to have online poker in a month

Brian Sandoval, Governor of the State of Nevada, did know last week he expected the Senate to approve an addendum to the law of online poker, so that the state can move forward to the opening of the market without the need for online poker to be approved at federal.
"Nevada always had a gold standard in the regulation and operation of gambling concerns, and I intend that our state has a position of leadership in this new landscape. Other states are moving quickly on this matter and I ask you passing the addendum in the next 30 days. "
This is the only step that prevents the opening of a market of online poker to residents of Nevada.

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1 comment:

  1. I support the Governor of Nevada. I don'r see any problem in playing online poker and think that that should be allowed by the law. The game is very interesting and requires analysis and will.