Dec 21, 2012

Russian player Tatiana 'Mysters_Y' Barausova is the newest Team PokerStars Online

Myster_Y is about to reach Supernova Elite status for the third consecutive year, and that's one of the reasons for its entry into the Team PokerStars Online. Having started in microstakes, Tatiana can both be seen in the big tournaments like the tables of $ 3 / $ 6 to $ 25 / $ 50.

Tatiana began to win the poker bug, watching his brother. It did not take much longer to make herself a small deposit and started playing in microstakes. Within months jumped to the average levels and, as we said earlier, plays a bit of everything between $ 3 / $ 6 to $ 25 / $ 50.

Besides poker Tatiana enjoys snowboarding, traveling, going to the gym and drive.

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