Dec 12, 2012


Starting on Sunday, January 6th, MiniFTOPS features the same events as FTOPS, but all at approximately 1/10th of the buy-in. The series includes Multi-Entry Tournaments and Rush Poker Tournaments as well as a Double Chance Tournament event, all exclusive to Full Tilt Poker. MiniFTOPS XXI highlights include: * The MiniFTOPS Main Event, featuring a $70 + $5 buy-in * The MiniFTOPS Two-Day Event, featuring a $200 + $16 buy-in * The $24 + $2 No-Limit Hold ‘em 6-Max Knockout Event MiniFTOPS XXI features ten Multi-Entry Tournaments, each allowing you to register two or even three times for the same tournament, giving you multiple chances to make a big score. Additionally, seven events are scheduled as Rush Poker Tournaments, the world’s fastest poker tournament.

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