Dec 16, 2012

EPT title for Ramzi Jelassi

Going into the final table of EPT Prague it was Swedish player Ramzi Jelassi who held the chip lead of the eight remaining contenders, with Aleh Plauski in second. Fairly early on a raising war broke out between these, culminating in a five bet shove from Plauski holding AsKs. Jelassi didn’t fancy folding his pair of 9s and it was off to the races for a pot that would set someone up with a monster stack. No help came on the board for Plauski and all of a sudden Jelassi had nearly 40% of the total chips in front of him with six players left.

At one point it looked as though a deal was on the cards as the final three (Jelassi, Sotirios Koutapas and David Boyaciyan) engaged in protracted discussions. No agreement could be reached though as Boyaciyan wanted more than his share of the chips suggested he was entitled to, and play continued with the original prizes still up for grabs. Boyacin had been telling the other players that he was only one double up from moving into a strong position and soon afterwards it looked as though he was about to do just that. Boyacin’s overpair on the flop was ahead after Jelassi had shoved with ace high, presumably banking on still having decent equity if called. That equity was cashed in via the unlikeliest of sources when a runner runner flush sent Boyacin to the rail with less money than he had previously been offered by the other two.

Despite a spirited fight back from Koutapas, Jelassi never relinquished his chip lead and went on to put his name on the trophy and claim the €835,000 for first.

Final table results:

1 Ramzi Jelassi €835,000

2 Sotirios Koutoupas €510,000

3 David Boyaciyan €310,000

4 Ben Warrington €250,000

5 DiegoGomez €196,000

6 Sergey Kuzminskiy €150,000

7 Aleh Plauski €108,400

8 Mark Herm €75,000

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